Are you ready?

Step with us into your power. 
Grow into your confidence. 

You are worth it!

Spots are limited to 16 participants per module. 

We highly recommend to not wait for too long if you want to join in the training. 

About our prices

The training costs 850 - 1300€. 

The price includes:
* 6 days of in-person training
* Accommodation in a shared room
* 3 hearty meals (vegan/vegetarian) per day

We have a solidarity price system: If you have little money, you pay less, if you have more you pay more.   
Let's rise together in solidarity, by supporting each other! 

Step Into Your Power: a residential training

Six days of in-depth, embodied learning on self-awareness and self-confidence that you will skilfully embed into your daily life.

April 9th-15th 2023
at Brunnenhaus, Wermelskirchen, close to Cologne, Germany