FemAcro Spirit Festival

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August 22th-25th 2024

Projekt Brunnenhaus, close to Cologne

Acro Yoga, Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Handstands, Ecstatic Dance, Breathwork, and lots more...

Join us for a weekend full of movement, play, community, sisterhood, good food and beautiful nature. 

We celebrate our bodies. Nourish it with lots of fun and divers movement.
We celebrate ourselves and each other. 
Rise sister, rise!

We create a safe space for women and gender-non-conforming humans. We take care of each other and explore our strength!

Coming soon 

Join us for a weekend full of Acro Yoga, joy, laughter, play, sisterhood in a small, safe environment.

Our program is as divers as women are. 
Whatever you need we got you covered!

Besides a lot of AcroYoga, Handstands, Hoop Dance, there will be also Thai Massage, Nature walks and a woman circle to exchange. 

We will lift each other up, and support one another. We will be held and seen. We will celebrate!

About the Festival

FemAcro Spirit provides an empowering and creative space for people who identify as female or gender nonconforming. This is your place to try out new roles in Acro and/or in life, to find/re-find strength, to share your joy, to show vulnerability, to heal and most of all to connect/re-connect with your femininity.

In this amazing 4-days Fest we will delight ourselves with loads of Acro, Yoga, Massage, Female circle, Breath work or Body Painting and more. Join us in this journey!

Our location


'Brunnenhaus' is a beautiful retreat centre in the heart of Germany. It was named after the many dwells around the house that used to provide the whole valley with fresh and clean water. Today it is a space for people from all walks of life that look for an escape from the busy city life and therefore has become a dwelling of creativity, connection and community.

The house with its huge garden is located in a nature preserved forest area, far away from big streets. At night you fall asleep to the sound of the little river slashing and in the morning, you wake up to the chirps and cackles of the birds. This place invites you to rediscover simplicity, connection to nature and one another.

‘Brunnenhaus’ can accommodate up to 40 people, there are dorms and double rooms available. The dining hall with a cute old piano invites you to hang out, chat or sing all night, unless there is a flaring fire calling to sit together outside. Two big rooms with wooden floors and high ceilings invite you to move, stretch and meditate. 

Safe the date: 22.-25. August 2024

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Our team

We are excited to share with you our talented team that will make this weekend special for everyone:

Jordis Troost (she/her)

Acro, Fit and Strong Warm Ups, and Handstands
/ Organizer

Former special education teacher and linguist, student of languages, van living, house building, dog loving, handcrafting, constantly humming, hugging and ukulele playing life enthusiast turned into Yoga and Acro teacher. Through her movement practise her life changed radically, she moved into a van until she found Brunnenhaus, which she now leads with love. Movement gave her the confidence to step into one adventure after another.

In her classes and workshops she includes all of these wild influences adding up to a unique playful way of teaching. Alongside 'technique' her focus is on empowerment, self-discovery, connection and community. She can't wait to share a lot of upside down time with you.

She also owns and runs Brunnenhaus and the beautiful Waldcafe.


Katharina Bauer (she/her) 

Acroyoga, Female circle, Music/ / Organizer


Katharinas first contact with Acroyoga was 10 years ago, since then her body changed. Her view on life changed. She found a way to heal herself outside and inside, feeling capable of doing so much more than ever expected. Accepting her body and her strength and transforming her alleged weakness into strength. This passion she wants to share with contagious enthusiasm and a smile. She is a dedicated mover focussing on including everyone. Her mission became to let everyone experience the feeling of lightness, movement and community.

Jules (she/her)

Acro and Handstands

Passions of my life include movement and creative unfolding. Yoga. Acrobatics. Movement and connections in many forms. Bodywork and body exploration. Inspirations and inventions. Food creation and other art expressions. I love to share and create communities. The world is our playground and life is a wonderful art if you enjoy each moment to the fullest. Open your eyes, and more important open your heart to the universe. Let’s create a love affair with our unique spirits.


Marina Rodrigues (she/her) 

Acro and Fem-talks

Marina had her first flyer experience in 2017 and was excited about the strong connection Acro creates. Her passion grew even more when she started basing and sharing her knowledge with others. She believes Acro breaks barriers through its communication power and creation process. Her love for movement and bringing people together led her to join the Partner Acrobatics Teacher Training in 2019. She is excited to teach some crazy Acro flows, help you work with better technic, and share female support initiatives and solidarity ;)

Monika Kolb (she/her)
Acroyoga, Bodywork, Hula Hoop, Performance

Monika travels the world with her son Ruben and shares circus ​and partner acrobatic skills. She is an amazing teacher, performer, and ​movement therapist. In class she focuses on skill progression, ​sustainability of practice, and inspires her students to push ​boundaries in a safe and fun environment.

Monika teaches and performs hula hoop, fire and aerial, as a soloist ​and in collaboration. She runs circus projects for adults and children ​www.monikakolb.de, Co organizes the Swiss Acro Fest ​www.acrofest.eu and handcrafts Hula Hoops.
She has been part of the team in 2021 and we are so happy to have her back. She has a lot of same size flows up her pocket.

Together with her partner Nico she organises the Pre-convention to the Dutch Acro ​www.pre-convention.com, the Bangkok Acro Convention ​www.bangkok-acro-convention.com 

Lisa Böttger  (she/her) 

Acro L-Base and Standing

Lisa first came in contact with Acro in 2016 when she started a course in Nuremberg, where she also lives and works as a teacher for English, Art and crafting. She fell in love with this wonderful practice right away. In 2018 she completed her teacher training for yoga and a year later she joined the Partner Acrobatics Teacher Training. She thinks that Acro has the power to empower - she loves showing women how they can find their strength basing and believes that Acro is a great tool to learn communication. Her passion for movement doesn't stop at Acro - she also likes climbing, slacklining, basketball and believes that passionate dancing to 80s music in the kitchen cured most of her problems.

Lotta Faidini (she/her) 

Ecstatic Dance, Massage, Breath Work and Yoga


Lotta is a moving couch potato focussing on self care and self love. She has ants in her pants, lots of energy, but also likes it easy and slow, loves lazy days and is quite a sensualist.  

Coming from a musical family she always danced and music accompanied all of her steps in life. Ask her about songs and she won't stop...

Through Yoga she started to really feel at home in her own body, and learned how to accept herself. Through Acroyoga she discovered Thai Massage and fell in love. 

Lisa Dahm (she/her)

Graphik Design 

Liz is our handstand queen. She is also a Yoga teacher and an advanced Flyer. She trains Acro, mainly Standing as a Flyer for over 6 years now. She loves to provide another perspective to life by going upside down. She is also our talented and creative graphic designer. So the flyers and all are created by her. 

You! (she/her/they/them)

Community, Energy, Support

Yes we mean it. You are, as every woman else, part of the team. You will make this event special. You create this space, such as we do.
We appreciate you and can't wait to get in touch with you!

That sounds amazing!

Ready for some amazing days in a supporting community?
Ready to expand your beliefs and abilities?

Infos, Infos, Infos


Our Prerequisites

That’s easy: we do not have any :)

We have classes for ALL LEVELS.

If you have never tried Acro before, feel welcome to join our community and try out something new in a safe and supportive environment. 


We are happy to welcome moms! If you wish to bring your child/children, please contact us to check the possibilities.

Our Tickets

The prices include all workshops, sauna, delicious vegan meals (starting with dinner on Thursday, ending with lunch on Sunday), and your chosen way of accommodation. We have one Single room, a few Double rooms, and three Dorm rooms with four to six beds. You have also the possibility to sleep in your own tent or Van.

Sliding scale contribution:
We have a solidarity price system: If you have little money, you pay less, if you have more you pay more. We won’t control and trust in your honesty. 
Let's rise together in solidarity 😊

Ticket Category: 
Dorm room, Tent or Van: 270€ - 380 €
Single or Double Room:   330 € - 450 €

How much should I pay?
We suggest you place yourself in the lower pricing scale if you have little or no income at all, you are a student or you are out of budget.
If you have a stable income and means to save money our suggestion is to place yourself in the higher pricing scale.
The middle pricing scale is suggested if you are in between the above situations. Maybe you can go out for a nice Pizza once a week without thinking twice.

Note: still not possible for you? You are welcome to contact us.

Our schedule

This is how a day could look like. We always having a beginner/ open Level Workshop. Sound like a good day right? We are starting the festival on Thursday, the 18th of August at 18:00 with a welcome circle. Welcome and registration starts at 17:00. You can come earlier and enjoy the forest. 
Festivals ends on Sunday around 14:00. You are welcome to stay a little longer and jam with us. 
Fruits and snacks will be provided throughout the day, also early mornings. 

Oh my goodness!

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You may have the time of your life!

We will share with you the variety of Acro Yoga. From crazy funky standing stuff (we have Lounges!) to therapeutic flying, Thai Massage, Singing and of course Community!

Retreat, Fest or Festival?
We see this event as Festival, as we create an atmosphere of ease, joy and celebration. 
We are a very small Festival though. Spots are limited to 35 women. 

We will change perspectives and change roles. There are so many stereotypes in basing or flying. We break them. We love same size! We love to uplift each other!


Our cancellation policy:

We charge a handling fee of 20€ for all cancellations.
Until 1st of June 2023: only Handling fee of 20€
From 1st of June 2023: We charge a 200€ cancellation fee.
From 1st of July 2023: Unfortunately, no cancellation is possible.

Note: You may resell your ticket in case you cannot join us. In any case, get in contact with us.


Our Contact

For further questions please contact us at [email protected]

We are looking forward to hearing from you 😉 

Register now August 22th-25th 2024